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           Malta International Open/Grand Prix

click here for event info. 

                 19th & 20th March 2005  

Venue: Savio College Dingli (as held last year)         


Eric Verhagen

after one of his goals

19th & 20th March

During this weekend, the Malta G.P. and I.Open were held at Savio College. 63 players participated with a satisfactory amount of 15 foreigners in the Open. World's number 1 Eric Verhagen (pictured) confirmed his form by winning both events.

On Saturday he bet Malta's Hansel Mallia 2-1 in goalden goal. Sunday he bet Valletta's Derek Conti 4-1. In the other categories, Patrick Pace continued his dominance in the veteran category. Samwel Bartolo top Maltese U/19 player won his category and confirmed his potential after winning also Mons. Andre' Grima won the U/15 category. Full results here



Samwel Bartolo

Winner Mons U/19 2005

6th March

Samwel Bartolo won the U/19 category in Mons after beating Arnauld Nuellens of Belgium 1-0 in the final. Bartolo was fantastic throughout the event and kept his concentration until the end. In the Open category, the Maltese could have made a better performance  but they only reached the last 32.In the veterans, Richard A.Castillo did not manage to qualify from the group stages.

In the team event, Valletta S.C. lost to Atlas after the group stages. Mifsud and Mallia of Perugia and Hennuyer reached the 2nd and 3rd place respectively with their teams. More results click here


Massimo Cremona and Hansel Mallia (No. 11 and No 27 FISTF ranking)

28th February

Another well achieved result from the Maltese representatives in Denmark. Massimo Cremona only missed one step when he lost to David Ruelle in the sudden death at Semi-Final. The Belgian player was the winner of this event. Hansel Mallia reached only last 16 when he lost to his team mate, Delphine Diedunne in the extra time.

On Sunday, in the team event, Mallia had better luck. He did not lose one of the 7 matches played and was an inspiration to his team mates. At the final, Hennuyer bet Athlas Athens 3-0 to win the Danish G.P. for the 3rd time.


Adrian Bonnici(black top)

Mark Gauci (in red top)

 Hansel Mallia (light grey top)

13th February

The 5th event of the circuit tournament being held by the MTFSA was sucessfully organised today. 23 players took part in this edition.

Hansel Mallia of A.S. Hennuyer  won the Open category after beating Adrian Bonnici of Zabbar S.C. 3-1 in the Final after being 1-0 down at half time. Mario Spiteri won the veteran category 1-0 against Tony Sapiano.

The Under 19 was again crowned by Samwel Bartolo who bet Patrick Psaila 4-0 in the final and the Under 15 by Jonathan Silvio 1-0 against Andre' Bonavia. latest rankings



6th February

The FISTF Major in Elbouf was surprisingly won by Valery Dejardin. Through his way he got the say over Eric Verhagen, Massimo Bolognino and Antonio Mettivieri to take the crown. The Maltese players were once more Massimo Cremona, Joseph Mifsud and Hansel Mallia. Cremona lost to A.Lauretti of Perugia 2-1 in the extra time. Mallia and Mifsud where both eliminated in the barrage. Mallia lost to Vincent Sprats of Spain on shots, while Mifsud lost 1-0 to Vito De Ruggiero from Belgium.

The team event was won by Napoli after beating 2-1 Bologna. In the Semi Final they bet Mallia's Hennuyer 3-1. Mifsud's Perugia also lost in the Semi Final to Bologna 3-0. Both Maltese players did their utmost in this competition for their respective clubs.


Joseph Borg Bonaci and temporary leader of the Maltese Ranking List

30th January

Joseph Borg Bonaci took the fourth Circuit t'ment being held by the MTFSA after beating 1-0 in the final against Charles Aquilina. In the Semi Final Bonaci bet J.C.Tabone 2-0 while Aquilina bet Mark Gauci 2-1. The Veteran category was once more won by Patrick Pace who bet Mario Spiteri 1-0. The U/19 was crowned by Samuel Bartolo 5-0 against Mauro Camilleri. The U/15 was crowned by Clint Abela Wedge on shoot-outs over Andre' Grima.info

Mifsud, Cremona & Mallia who took part in the London Grand Prix

30th January

Massimo Cremona reaches the final of the London GP. In the final match he lost against the World's No.1 Eric Verhagen 4-2 after a thrilling first half ending 2-1.  Hansel Mallia and Joseph Mifsud also took part. Mallia lost to Thomas Wittman (Austria) on shots after the group stages. While Mifsud lost 2-1 against Angel Valverde (Spain).

In the team event, Murcia won the I.Open. Mallia's Hennuyer reached third place after losing to the winners in the semi final. results

                              The next M.T.F.S.A. tornament to be held on the 30th January


23th January

The next MTFSA circuit t'ment is to be held on the 30th January. All interested participants shall inform Joe M.Debono as soon as possible by e-mail.

Massimo Cremona & Hansel Mallia

19th January

Massimo Cremona and Hansel Mallia were again involved in an International Event held in Namur, Belgium. Cremona celebrated the team event victory with his side Temploux S.C who bet Charleroi 3-0 in the final.

In the individual event, both Maltese players were eliminated in the Quarter Finals against Alain Hanitaux and Antonio Mettivieri, two Napoli players. After a well played match Mallia lost 2-0 against Hanitaux after missing several goal opportunities. Cremona lost only 1-0 against Mettivieri. The decisive goal was scored in the last 10 seconds of the sudden death. Both players confirmed their performance abroad. Next International t'ment to be held is in London where Mallia Cremona and Joe Mifsud will be involved.


6th January

On behalf of the M.T.F.S.A. I would like to remind all the Table Football enthusiast that the Discussion Board is daily visited by the committee members and all comments are being traced. So if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate as long as the proposer shows himself up in his comment. By suggesting useful comments, Table Football in Malta can only be improved.

5th January

In the beginning of this year the new FISTF rankings have just been issued and 44 Maltese players appear ranked in the Open Category. Amongst these 5 are above 100 who are Massimo Cremona 19th, Joe Mifsud 23rd, Hansel Mallia 29th, Charles Aquilina 39th, Joe Borg Bonaci 80th.        Three players are ranked in the U/19 where Samwel Bartolo is at 19th place. In the U/15 category 10 players are listed and Andre' Grima is at 15th followed by Clint A.Wedge 25th, Timothy Spiteri 27th and Kurt Causon 44th. The Veteran category has 7 players where Mario Spiteri is at 36th place followed by Patrick Pace 37th, Tony Sapiano 49th and Joe Debono 51st. All this is the result of the hard work being encountered by the National Committee for these past years ensuring that International competitions are being scheduled in the FISTF calendar. 

The International Open & Grand Prix are to be held next 19th & 20th March 2005. More information can be obtained here



Massimo Cremona & Patrick Pace both winners of their respective categories at the M.T.F.S.A Third Circuit T'Ment

12th December

Massimo Cremona won this event after just arriving from Kildare International Open held in Ireland. Massimo bet Ilai Zammit Marmara 4-0 in the final after beating Joe Mifsud on shots in the semi. After this event, Ilai Zammit leads the overall rankings ahead of Charles Aquilina.

The U/19 was won by Mauro Camilleri 2-1 against Samuel Bartolo while the U/15 was decided on shots where Jonathan Silvio bet Andre' Grima. Patrick Pace won again the veteran category beating 3-0 Mario Spiteri. Full results can be obtained from here.

Now due to the festivities, the next circuit will be held on the 30th January 2005.


International Open Berlin Germany

28th November

Mario Spiteri, Joe M. Debono and Massimo Cremona represented the MTFSA in the Berlin International Open Held today. M.Spiteri managed to reach last 32, Debono did not qualify from the group stages and Massimo Cremona lost 3-0 against the Greek Papakostantinoiu. This event was won by world's No.1 ranked Eric Verhagen who bet Kechris 4-2 in the final.This meant that the MTFSA had again again its embassadors in foreign International events.

bay str.jpg (29941 bytes)

Bay Street Excebition 

21st November

Excebition matches were held at one of Mlata's most popular shopping centre.... Bay Street St.Julians. Although being a promotional event, an Under 15 competition was held between 14 participants. Valletta's youngster, Jonathan Silvio won this event. This was another opportunity for the MTFSA for the second year running to promote this sport in such a busy building.

Special thanks to Bay Street officials especially Mr.Martin Sapiano

 circuit 2JBB vs JM final.jpg (17256 bytes)

Action during the Final

Joe Mifsud in red, J.B.Bonaci in white

14th November

The second Circuit t'ment was successfully held today. Nine groups of three players each were held to accommodate 27 total participants. No major surprises but some quality matches were displayed along the road to the final.

Unfortunate was one of the semi finals which could not be played as Ilai Zammit Marmara had to leave due to a personal function which meant that Joe Borg Bonaci had the easiest semi final victory ever. The other semi-final had Joseph Mifsud beating Stefan Pace 2-1. The Final match was a prolonged one where 40 minutes where not enough for the spectators to see a single goal. And after a goalless match and extra time, Joe Borg Bonaci won this Open event on shoot outs 2-1. 

In the other events Samuel Bartolo won the U/19, Andre' Grima won the U/15 and Patrick Pace won the Veteran category. Full results here


1st November

TFC Mattersburg won the Clubs' Europa Cup 2004 after an impressive run on Sunday 31st Oct. After just qualifying from the group with a well fought 4th place, they bet Eagles Napoli and S.A.Milano and finally Perugia in the Final match.

Four Maltese players were involved with their respective clubs. Mario Camilleri (Modling), Stefan Pace (Hittdorf), Massimo Cremona (Temploux) and Hansel Mallia (A.S.Hennuyer) all played at their utmost and played a major role with their rispective team. For more results click on the logo


Charles Aquilina took the first of the MTFSA circuit t'ment

17th October

Charles Aquilina wins the first from 7 t'ment circuit to be held this season. After winning the group, Aquilina bet Satellite champion M.Gauci in the s.final and bet Ilai Zammit Marmara 1-0 in the Final. 

Also held this Sunday the Veteran t'ment was won by Patrick Pace over Tony Sapiano 2-1 a.e.t. 

The U/15 has been won by the very promising Andre' Grima who bet Timothy Spiteri 3-1. 

The U/19 was crowned by Samwel Bartolo who bet Mauro Camilleri 3-2 a.e.t.

The next tornament will be held click here


The three Maltese players who played in Wales Mifsud, Mallia & Cremona

17th October

Three Maltese involved in an International tournament in Wales

Joseph Mifsud, Massimo Cremona and Hansel Mallia were involved in another International T'ment held in Wales. Mallia reached last 16 being beaten by F.Mattiangeli 2-0. Cremona and Mifsud lost in the Q.Finals. Cremona lost 1-0 against M.Nastasi a.e.t. Whilst Mifsud lost against his team mate S.Defrancesco 1-0. The t'ment was won by M.Nastasi against D.Ruelle.

Mallia and Mifsud played for their first t'ment with their new respective club. Mallia playing with Hennuyer lost in the S.Final, while Mifsud had a major role beating his old clup EPL in the final and sacking the first 300 points for his club Perugia. results>>


Mark Gauci Open Winner

Andre' Grima U15 Winner

26th September 2004

Satellite NEWS

After an impressive return to Table Football, Mark Gauci (pictured) soon got used to where he left two years ago. This was his first International event after five years. After the group stages he bet S.Bartolo and P.Pace. In the final he bet M.Camilleri the new Modling player 4-3 which the result by itself shows was a tight final was played. <<results>>

Andre' Grima (left) wins another International event held in our country after beating Timothy Spiteri in the U/15 competition. After qualifying the group quiet easily, Grima bet L.J.Cachia 5-1 to reach the final. In the final he bet as already stated T.Spiteri 1-0 which meant his second event after the Grand Prix held earlier this year. <<results>>



27th August 2004

Massimo Cremona won the first ever organized Malta Masters. The competition was a success by itself and all players were crowned at the end with a trophy. 

Cremona draw his matches both on 1-1 at group stages against Charles Aquilina and Hansel Mallia. In the semi final he bet Joe Borg Bonaci 2-1. In the final he met C.Aquilina again and bet him 2-1 to be crowned as the Malta Masters winner 2003/2004. Results here

Joe_Mifsud.gif (198424 bytes)

28th June 2004

Joseph Mifsud crowned as Malta  CHAMPION for the second successive year. After a well challenged title, Mifsud came right from behind and overtook Mallia who led the Premiere for five months. Mifsud won over Charles Aquilina in the Challenge Cup  after the shots.

chalie.jpg (9698 bytes)

20th June 2004

Charles Aquilina won the Malta Open and automatically got the right to rappresent Malta during the next World Cup. He bet Joe Borg Bonaci in the final by shots after that the match ended up in a draw.

16 ta' Gunju

Hamrun Table Football Club won the MTFSA Clubs' league.

After some discussions regarding the Clubs' League, it ended up being played between two clubs. Hamrun T.F.C bet Valletta S.C. in a well balanced match where a decider had to be p[layed after that the first two matches ended up won on each side.

fistf5.jpg (2388324 bytes)   Full review on FISTF World Cup 2003



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