Artistic Beauty
in hand made & hand painted terracotta by Joe Camilleri

Welcome to our display of terracotta crib figurines, bas-reliefs and cribs artistically created by Joe Camilleri of Victoria, Gozo. Enjoy your visit and remember to sign the guestbook at the bottom of this page.

From creating crib figurines as a hobby, Joe Camilleri has made full use of his artistic talents and now produces cribs and bas-reliefs in which he takes great care for detail and style especially in his figurines. These range from 10 to 20 cms high and show various characters and country people in differing poses and trades.

All creations are produced out of clay which is then baked for 12 hours in an oven of around 1000 degrees. After leaving the figurines to cool, the artist starts with the intricate and detailed job of painting. Many sets of these figurines are used in cribs also produced by the artist, or in others set up in many homes during Christmas. His work is treasured and admired by many who love this tradition in Gozo, Malta and in other countries like Austria and Italy where his work is on permanent display in exhibitions.

Joe Camilleri is also involved in keeping this old tradition alive by patiently teaching the younger generation the art of figurines and crib making. He also actively participates in activities organised by Friends of the Crib - Gozo to promote interest in this tradition. Joe Camilleri was born in Nadur, Gozo, and now lives in Victoria where he has worked and lived all his life.

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